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Our oil and gas production suite gives you complete insight into your production from well to market. Track each bbl of oil or M of gas all the way from well to refinery. Our system has strong theft protection and loss detection analytics. The system can give a complete overview of all operations from operations to deep technical data

Here are some highlights of what we can do

Oil Derrick at Sunset.png

At the Well

Pump Card Calculation & Diagnotics

VFD Speed Control & RPM's

FLuid Production

Oil Storage.png

Dewatering & Tranks

Net Fluid Oil Production

Water Fraction

Stored Quantities

Oil Truck.png

At the Truck or Pipeline

Oil Volume Sold or Pumped

Truck Tracking through Sale


Production and other technical data can be tracked from every well. Production at the wells is controlled and measured. Fluid produced is followed through dewatering and heat treatment with flags raised for any possible losses. Storage tanks are monitored for oil intake, amount stored, and offtakes or sales with anomalies or losses flagged. Truck loading is confirmed between sales tanks and truck and the oil is followed to the refinery. 

Oil Field Layout.png

The system finds leaks, potential thefts, maintenance issues and tracks a range of processes. Multiple redundant nodes make it nearly impossible to fool the system. Losses can be tracked to their source and eliminated completely from day one.

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