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Security on all Levels

Fraud, theft and spoofing data can be ended over night. Our system is secure on multiple levels. It senses any attempts at physical damage. It has redundant transmission paths to prevent data blocking. And the data is signed by each device to prevent spoofing or faking data.


We see you coming

Physical Security

Each box has sensors which can detect attempts to open, hammer, drill or cut power to the system. Each system is independent in terms of backup power and communications, mesh networked to work together when one is in distress. We know this game, and our system will tell you immediately of any attempts to disable the system.

Transmission Security

Wireless Networking.png

Every tank has independent data transmission. All data is encrypted to the latest standards. And multiple broadcasts of the same data are compared to look for anomalies during transmission.

data security.png

Data Security

All data is tied to a specific device. Artificial Intelligence learns the unique signature of that device, making spoofed data obvious. War Rooms can be configured with an isolated server receiving only preselected data and ignoring all else to prevent third party attacks.

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