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The heart of the Valkor IOT value lies in our cloud based resource tracking App. This App can track fixed and moving energy assets from well, to tank, to truck, to sale. We are particularly focuses on security, fraud prevention, and tamper detection in order to eliminate theft and loss of product. 

IOT Assets User Interface.png

General Resource Tracking

Our Resource Tracking program provides clear views of diverse assets, giving pump activity, storage tank levels, and truck movements. Tightly clustered assets are grouped in overviews. Individual assets give at a glance information.

Issues are constantly monitored and flagged for followup. Security of the product from start to end is assured.

Truck Tracking

We offer a focused petrol truck tracking version of our App. This􀃸cloud based management system providing real time GPS location and tank contents. The system allows scheduling and routing and then tracks all on-takes and deliveries of fuel and 􀃸flags anomalies for review. 

This system is designed to provide limited snapshots of the complete fleet, to allow tasks or areas to be divided among a team to manage thousands of trucks.

General Resource Tracking

IOT User Interface.png
Computer Setup.png

Single User

Control Room 2.jpg

Full War Room

Our system is flexible enough to work for a single user on a handheld device. But it can also be implemented into large teams with 10,000's of truck in a war room setting with tasks and regions divided.

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