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Our truck tracking is all about security and fraud prevention, in addition to basic features of GPS location and registering all on-takes and off-takes of hydrocarbons or other liquids. Sensors look for tampering. Battery backups and redundant communications provide instant awareness of any attempt being made.

What's in the Box

IOT Industrial Box.png

The Box / Sensor Hub

Our standalone box is plain and easy to overlook, but its capabilities are not. We recommend one box per petrol tank. Each box has independent GSM, bluetooth and wifi communication, plus GPS, 3-axis accelerometer, capacity for 6-8 sensors, and battery and data storage backup for up to 30 days. The units form a mesh network, backing each other up, and can be further backed by wifi connection to a higher power hot spot located in the truck cab. Communication is assured.

Wifi Hub.png

Optionally High Power

WIFI Hotspot

Oil Transport Logistics

Built for the Developing World:

  • Prevent Theft, delays and losses

  • Confirm Transactions from Tanks & Trucks

  • Confirm Destination Offload

  • Fraud, Tamper & Spoof Deterctkon

  • Monitor driving habits and stops

  • Alerts for accidents

Real Time Monitoring Includes:

  • Realtime GPS Location

  • Realtime Tank Levels / Volume

  • Presence of Water in Tanks

  • Unlimited Number of Tanks

  • Records Pickups and Deliveries

  • Transaction Verification

  • 30 Day Low Power Battery Backup

Petrol Truck.png

Sensors that Make Sense

Truck Pump.jpg

Optional Fuel Pump Module for Secondary Verification of Offload

Our sensors are the latest IOT industrial sensors. Stainless steel construction and hydrocarbons proof cabling all in an explosion proof design.


Pared with Fixed Tanks Sensors, Transactions can be Verified Independently

Submerged Level Sensor.jpg

Submerisble or

Tapped Level Sensor

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